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Episode 43: Marsia Powers & WhedonCon
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5 years ago

I first heard about what is known as WhedonCon back in 2016, when I wrote an article for SciFi4Me about it changing its name. It, like GallifreyOne, is a Los Angeles-based con that I first heard about once I moved here. 

Since that initial article, I'd kept my eye on it and started seeing posts from one of the people who run it in some of my other geeky groups. Marsia Powers is a Los Angeles real estate agent by day, Whedon fan by ... well, by all free time? She not only helps manage the con, but she also helps run the fan sites Whedonopolis and Fandomopolis, which you may have noticed I've written for occasionally in the past year. 

I set down with Marsia and talked about Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon, being a fan, and WhedonCon. 

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