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S1 E18 · Green New Perspective
Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles: A Game-Changer
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8 months ago

 Hey there, welcome back to The Green New Perspective! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of wireless EV charging with Vic Peltola from Hevo. 

Imagine this: you pull into your driveway, park over a pad, and voila! Your car charges itself. No cords, no hassle. It's a game changer for everyone from luxury car drivers to fleet companies like Amazon. But it's not all smooth sailing - we need automakers on board and standards in place. 

Despite these challenges, Hevo is pushing forward, aiming to revolutionize the way we charge our vehicles. So buckle up and let's get charged up about the future of EVs!



➜ 02:00 Introduction and Advantages of Wireless EV Charging Technology
The concept and working of wireless EV charging and its benefits over traditional plug-in charging.

➜ 07:33 Challenges in Mass Adoption and Standardization
The barriers to wireless EV adoption, including the need for automaker buy-in and the creation of interoperable standards.

➜ 14:23 The Role of SAE in Ensuring Safety and Efficiency
Discussing the safety standards for wireless charging, the importance of vehicle alignment for efficient charging, and the role of SAE in establishing these.

➜ 15:27 Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Technologies
How Hevo approaches marketing to promote awareness and drive demand for its wireless EV charging technology.

➜ 23:28 The Future of EVs and Dynamic Charging
Consideration of future trends in EV charging, including the potential for dynamic charging – charging EVs while driving.

➜ 29:43 Collaborations and Partnerships in Auto Tech Development
The key role partnerships play in advancing technology development in the automotive industry.

👉 Interview with Vic Peltola: https://www.npws.net/podcast/wireless-charging-electric-vehicles



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