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Reinventing Success with Corporate Rehab's CEO, Jennie Blumenthal
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1 month ago

Is the hustle culture eating away at your soul? This week, I sat down with Jennie Blumenthal, the visionary CEO of Corporate Rehab and author of Corporate Rehab: Ditch the Hustle Culture and Thrive Again. Her stirring journey, from leading Fortune 500 companies to the brink of burnout, to a personal evolution and recovery, is sure to inspire. We chatted about her transformative five-step "Corporate Rehab" process, a roadmap that doesn’t just restore but also reinvents individuals for a fulfilling life and career.

Jennie and I also delved into the nuanced dynamics of gender roles, and how embracing both feminine and masculine leadership traits can create a powerful impact. We challenged the traditional definition of leadership and discussed the importance of crafting your own. The conversation took a deeper turn as we navigated the widespread impact of the pandemic on mental health. Jennie's insights into establishing trust and respect in leadership, to create a noteworthy shift in company culture, are especially timely in today's world.

In our conversation, we also explored the criticality of aligning our souls with our lived experiences, and how compassion plays a pivotal role in the healing process. Jennie shared her perspective on the 'lean in' slogan and the undue pressure it imposes on women. Wrapping up our discussion, she introduced her latest venture, Ellevoy, an initiative aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs by connecting them with meaningful opportunities. These conversations are more than just talk - they are about sparking change one discussion at a time. So tune in, listen, learn, and be inspired to redefine your own leadership journey.

A rising tide raises all ships, and I invite you along in this journey to Evoke Greatness!

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