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Unleashing Creativity: Crafting Stories that Inspire and Amuse
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10 months ago

Join us in this episode of the eReads podcast as I sit down with David Hankins, a renowned author and expert in the craft of short stories. David shares his insights and experiences, leaving listeners feeling encouraged and motivated to pursue their own creative works.

In this insightful conversation, we delve into the art of navigating rejection and overcoming obstacles on the path to success. David provides valuable advice on how to handle rejection with resilience and use it as a stepping stone towards growth.

Prompt ”True Story”

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Website: https://davidhankins.com

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Audiobook copy the award-winning short story “Death and the Taxman” FREE.

“Death and the Taxman” – Writers of the Future winner, Volume 39 (2023)

“A Properly Spiced Gingerbread” (DreamForge Magazine) – 2022 Winner of the Critters Readers Poll for Best Magical Realism Short Story

“Reassessed Value” (Third Flatiron Anthologies) – on Tangent Online 2022 Recommended Reading List

“The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward” (Factor Four Magazine)

“Hell’s Bureaucracy” (Unidentified Funny Objects Anthologies)

“Another Day on the Orbital Ranch” (DreamForge Magazine)

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