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Beyond the Page: The Craft of Worldbuilding
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Join us on the eReads Podcast as we dive into the captivating world of worldbuilding with Sarena Straus. Together, we explore the intricate art of crafting immersive settings and compelling narratives that not only grip readers but also have the potential to shine on the screen.


Sarena Straus writes novels for the curious and adventurous, for people who are intrigued by a “what-if” scenario and like to explore the outcomes. Her characters are ordinary people who find out that they are capable of extraordinary things and discover that one person can truly make a difference. After receiving a BA in art history and political science from Barnard, Sarena graduated from Fordham University School of Law. She then worked for five years at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office (BXDA), where she prosecuted sex crimes and child abuse cases. After leaving BXDA, she published a true-crime memoir, Bronx DA: True Stories from the Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence unit (Barricade, 2006). In 2010, her book sold as a TV Pilot to CBS/Paramount. She’s gone on to publish numerous legal articles and works of poetry and was an editor for a legal magazine. For a few years, she was also a talking head, commenting on current criminal cases in the media on tv and radio. Today, she lives in Hudson Valley, NY with her husband, two children (also budding writers), two naughty Labrador retrievers, and two barn cats. She is now working on sequels to her debut novel REINCEPTION. When not writing or lawyering, Sarena loves to scuba dive, take photographs, and travel off the beaten path. She’ll swap diving or courtroom stories w

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