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Season 5: Pages of Power: The Art of Storytelling Through Journaling
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2 months ago

Join us on the eReads Podcast for an intriguing discussion with special guest Alastair Henry! Explore the captivating world of storytelling as we delve into the transformative power of journaling in the creative process.

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Alastair immigrated to Canada from England by himself when he was 19. He was a typical yuppie - family, house in the suburbs, and a big job in the corporate sector - and following London Life's Freedom 55 plan - he retired at 57 and went to live in the country.

A year later, disillusioned with the passivity of retirement, he shed his material possessions and went in search of adventure and a deeper meaning to life. He found what he was looking for in Lutsel K’e, a small, remote fly-in community of 300 Chipewyan on the east arm of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

In 2016, they went to Alert Bay, B.C. on a four-month volunteer placement with the Namgis First Nation people as part of a Truth and Reconciliation Canada project with Cuso International. The experience was so profound they felt compelled to write about it in “Tides of Change

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