Deric 'SCOOTER' Davis | Amanda Serrano | Navarrete x Wilson | BARBOZA |BC43 w/  @NevalsCivonaja ​ image
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Deric 'SCOOTER' Davis | Amanda Serrano | Navarrete x Wilson | BARBOZA |BC43 w/ @NevalsCivonaja ​
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1 year ago

Josh and Boz discuss the massive amount of action from the weekend, including the Pro Debut of one Deric 'Scooter' Davis in the Washington, DC, area. They also touch on the fire-fight between Amanda Serrano and Erika Cruz. Plus, Navarrete and Wilson put on a power-punching clinic on the co-feature of the Arnold Barboza victory over Jose 'Sniper' Pedraza. Tune in for more!  

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