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Boxing Chit! Zurdo vs Smith, Jr | Wood x Warrington | Boxing History & News
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8 months ago

Join us for a live discussion on the electrifying showdown between Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington in the world of boxing! 🥊 In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Wood staged a remarkable comeback, knocking out Warrington in the seventh round to defend his WBA featherweight title. We'll dissect the fight, analyzing the contrasting styles of these two warriors. Wood's superior boxing skills and power, Warrington's toughness, and the undeniable thrill of a world title bout – it's all on the table. Don't miss this exhilarating discussion as we break down every punch, strategy, and highlight from this epic clash in the boxing ring. Tune in and join the conversation! 👊💥 #LeighWood #JoshWarrington #BoxingKnockout #FeatherweightTitleFight

Witness the thrilling clash between Joe Smith Jr. and Gilberto 'Zurdo' Ramirez as they battled it out in the boxing ring! 🥊 Smith, known for his powerful punches, faced off against the agile and tactful Zurdo, who showcased impressive footwork and precision throughout the ten intense rounds. In the end, all three judges unanimously scored the fight 99-91 in favor of Zurdo. Join us as we analyze this showdown, dissecting Smith's lumbering approach and Zurdo's strategic maneuvers that secured his victory. Don't miss out on the post-fight breakdown and insights into this gripping bout! 👊💥 #JoeSmithJr #ZurdoRamirez #BoxingShowdown #FightNightAnalysis