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S1 E8 · Barrel Room Chronicles
BRC Ep 8 - The Taste of India with Sanjeev Banga
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2 years ago

On this episode of Barrel Room Chronicles we speak with Senjeev Banga about Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky.  Then Chef Louise Leonard creates a special dessert with it!  

]Guest Bio

Sanjeev Banga has been spearheading global reach for  Radico Khaitan brands since 2008 as President – International Business.   Radico brands are available in over 85 countries. He has been  instrumental in the growth and premiumization journey of the company  through the creation of luxury brands, such as Rampur Indian Single Malt  and Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin.

He is an international business  veteran with over 35 years of experience in FMCG companies including  Godfrey Philips (an affiliate of Philp Morris), Nestle, Seagram, Pernod  Ricard etc.

Sanjeev has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and an MBA.

• Rampur Double Cask is made from 100% Indian barley, malted and  distilled in traditional copper pot stills by the oldest distillery in  India. This opulently tropical single malt is less forward with it’s oak  influence than the name might lead one to suspect. The aging in used  Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks does impart the vanilla and toasted  cacao typical of this treatment, but the fruit driven character remains  at the fore, reminding one of an Indian Summer, bursting with life.
o ABV is 45%
o SRP is $79.99
o Bottle shot

• Rampur Asava is an outlier in the world of cask finished single malts.  For this expression, Rampur has chosen a unique combination of used  Bourbon barrels and Indian Cabernet Sauvignon barrels in which to age  the spirit. The result is a nose heavy with golden apricot, plums and  spice followed by a palate beginning with a honeyed sweetness flowing  into a pleasant dryness imparted by the Indian Cabernet Sauvignon.
o ABV is 45%
o SRP is $89.99
o Bottle shot

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