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Gotham Knights, We Stopped ALL The Crime
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8 months ago

Welcome back to Game Pass or Pass, the podcast where we dive deep into the gaming world to help you decide if a title is worth your time. Today, our hosts Cory and Basher are here to explore a game that left both critics and players divided - Gotham Knights!

Gotham Knights, the highly anticipated action-packed adventure, has been a topic of heated debate since its release. Many gamers have had mixed feelings about this iteration of the Batman universe, but our dynamic duo, Cory and Basher, have some surprising and perhaps refreshing opinions to share. While critics and players might have had their reservations, Cory and Basher actually found themselves captivated by the game's unique charm and thrilling gameplay.

Join us as we dissect every aspect of Gotham Knights, from its intriguing storyline and open-world gameplay to its diverse cast of heroes. Cory and Basher will offer you a fresh perspective on the game, shedding light on what sets it apart from the rest and why they enjoyed their time in the dark, crime-ridden streets of Gotham City.

Discover how this game fares in the eyes of two avid gamers who approach it with an open mind and a passion for the Bat-family. Get ready for a spirited discussion, and ultimately, the verdict - will Gotham Knights earn a coveted spot on your Game Pass, or is it a title to pass up on? Find out in this exciting episode of Game Pass or Pass!