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S1 E86 · Elmar’s Tooth Talk – The Missing Link to Total Health
Episode 86 Dr Mike Mew URGENT - SUPPORT his PETITION
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1 year ago

Hello and a very warm welcome to Elmar's Tooth Talk: The Missing Link to Total Health.

Powerful, clear and effective content designed to optimise your natural health, wellbeing and wellness delivered by world-renowned holistic dentist, health coach and multi-qualified naturopath Dr Elmar Jung opening your mind and consciousness to the connection between teeth and overall health plus the importance of oral hygiene, gut health, diet, lifestyle, supplementation, detoxification and what else is going on in the world   

You’ll find out about the hazardous toxins and life-threatening risks of dental materials and treatments and what you can do about them.

You’ll understand why your teeth are probably the most important part of your health and how applying what you learn in the Podcast can kick-start your well-being revolution and transform your oral and overall health.

If you always suspected that there is more to your health than just drill-fill-bill dentistry, then this Podcast is for you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • WHAT are the two different approaches to straightening teeth
  • WHAT is Orthotropics
  • MIKE’s Mission
  • WHY are teeth crocked
  • WHAT is Mewing
  • WHY teeth can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
  • WHY faces can get damaged during orthodontic treatment
  • WHY the GDC wants to get rid of Mike Mew
  • HOW to get straight teeth without extraction
  • WHY Buckminster Fuller is righT

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