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2 years ago

Okay 2022, we're ready for you. I hope. With COVID still on and so many government restrictions underway, how can we creatively lead sustainable lives while thriving? My word of the year: courage. The word “courage” stems directly from a feeling that I’m at the edge of my capabilities as an entrepreneur. I will need to continue stretching beyond who I am now in the coming year. Last year’s challenges included course development, fundraising and application development. I also hired many people, which in turn necessitated learning team leadership, task delegation and automating payroll. In addition, I spent time improving the craft of writing and maintaining good governance within three separate business entities. All of those actions must continue and expand next year while leaving time for project distribution. As I get feedback on these projects, it will be important to maintain enthusiasm and continue growing. That takes courage. (For a description of the rest of my resolutions for the year, check out my article at: https://traceyarial.com/blog/en/2022-resolution/ .) To help you build your resilience and perhaps take on courage for yourself, I have two things to offer: a Canadian song playlist and the Doughnut Economics Lab. The Canadian playlist is here . You can find out more about the Doughnut Economics Lab at https://doughnuteconomics.org/ . There are already lots of Canadian members, including many from Montreal. I just joined!