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S2 E2 · Barrel Room Chronicles
BRC S2 E2 - The Busker at Royal Oak
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6 months ago

In this episode of BRC...I speak Global Brand Ambassador, Woody Kane about The Busker Irish Whiskey. Plus he takes me on of the Royal Oak Distillery before tasting through the Busker’s core expressions.

The Busker includes all four types of Irish whiskeys (Single Grain, Single Pot Still, Single Malt and Blend). The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth is a blend combining the Single Grain with a high percentage of the Single Malt and Single Pot whiskeys. Matured and finished in three different casks (bourbon, sherry, marsala), this whiskey brings three different notes of smoothness. The Busker Single Collection, represented by the three traditional Irish Whiskeys (Single Grain, Single Pot Still and Single Malt), is produced under one roof at the world-class Royal Oak Distillery, one of the country’s largest distilleries proudly located on an 18th century estate in the Ancient East region of County Carlow.

About The Busker

The Busker is an Irish Whiskey that is born out of a modern Ireland, where the contemporary and bold meet at the crossroads of tradition. The Busker is produced at the Royal Oak Distillery, in County Carlow, Ireland, located on an 18th century estate in Ireland's Ancient East region. It is the only distillery in Ireland which offers all three classic Irish styles of whiskey - Single Grain, Single Malt & Single Pot Still, which make The Busker Single Collection. The Busker portfolio also includes The Busker Blend which is a beautiful blend of The Single Collection. The Busker uses different casks during the maturation process of their whiskeys including Bourbon casks, Sherry casks and Marsala casks.

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