Turning a Homemade Golf Game Into a Global Business Venture - Tyler Simmons, Founder of BucketGolf image
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Turning a Homemade Golf Game Into a Global Business Venture - Tyler Simmons, Founder of BucketGolf
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1 month ago

At the annual PGA Show late January in Orlando I always make a point of taking the 30 minute bus shuttle out to Demo Day to kick the tires of the golf industry's latest equipment at the 360º range facility. The product that really caught my attention had nothing to do with hitting balls across the 400 yard diameter driving range. Off to the side was a compact setup that exuded a fun vibe where people were hitting oversized plastic whiffle balls with an oversized plastic club.... at buckets with flags in them.

This was my introduction to BucketGolf. After playing a quick round I struck up a conversation with Founder and CEO Tyler Simmons to learn about how BucketGolf came to be. Tyler's entrepreneurial journey aligns nicely with the stories we showcase on The ModGolf Podcast, so I had no choice but to invite him to share it with all of us.

"I figured out after looking at my roommate throw his clothes into his pop-up laundry hamper that I should just make pop-up buckets which solved a ton of issues for us. The game became cheaper because the box is much smaller and it cut the price in half. Two years in is when the snowball started rolling down the hill. Once I figured out the social media side, marketing strategy and of how to get the game out there, it all clicked at the same time."... BucketGolf CEO and Founder Tyler Simmons

I discovered BucketGolf and Tyler at the 2024 PGA Show Demo Day, where we created a couple of videos for our ModGolf Instragram. Click on the image to watch and give it a 'Like' and follow us while you're there!

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You can also learn more about Tyler on his bio page.

"The hardest part in the beginning was how long it took me to learn how things work. We really didn't see any success for the first two years. I was trying as hard as I could and put everything I had into BucketGolf outside of my regular day job. T