Embrace Change To Fuel Entrepreneurial Success - Carolin Pinegger, The Golf Pitch Challenge image
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Embrace Change To Fuel Entrepreneurial Success - Carolin Pinegger, The Golf Pitch Challenge
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Calling all golf entrepreneurs! Do you have a golf venture our product that you need help getting to the next level? Even if you're at the idea stage, our guest Carolin Pinegger is looking for you to join them for the next Golf Pitch Challenge and Mastermind event May 22 and 23 in Orlando Florida.

On this fast-paced, engaging episode we learn about Carolin's not-so-straight-line in golf and business to arrive at the place she is along her entrepreneurial journey.

"I wanted to pivot, to change and people that are too planned will have a hard time succeeding because you have to fail fast and you have fail forward and you have to pivot and you have to change and sometimes you even have to change before we really see the reason why you have to change. I felt like I was treading water and it most certainly wasn't because I was working hard enough. I was doing my very best and I wasn't getting where I wanted to be. And then I said "I need a change!" ... Carolin Pinegger

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"My dad was a serial offender in entrepreneurship. He has the right amount of crazy in him. Every entrepreneur needs that. To be misunderstood much more than anybody else who isn't an entrepreneur can tolerate. That's something that a lot of entrepreneurs need to hear. If you want to make it big, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to be criticized. You have to be ready to be misunderstood much much more than the general public because they don't want to put themselves in that situation. That's why they will never be entrepreneurs. It's just not up their alley and that is fine. There are different requirements for entrepreneurs than for somebody who isn't."

Episode Chapters
03:20: How and when Carolin took her first golf swing and who introduced her to the game

You can also learn more about Carolin and connect on her bio page.

The Golf Pitch Challenge & Mastermind Event
Do you have a new golf product or service venture that you want to take to the next level, even if it's only at the idea phase? If you do, we encourage you to apply for and attend the next Golf Pitc