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S3 E8 · eReads Podcast
emPowering Authors: Taking the Scaries Out of Marketing
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8 months ago

On this episode of the eReads podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Feger, the owner and chief strategist of the emPower PR Group. Stephanie is a true expert when it comes to book marketing, and she shared some incredible insights and practical tools to help authors like you & me get our book into the hands of eager readers.

During our conversation, Stephanie demystified the marketing process and provided valuable tips to take the scaries out of promoting your book. Whether you’re a new author or have several books under your belt, you’ll find her advice invaluable.

Follow Stephanie at:

Facebook: @emPowerPRGroup

LinkedIn: @stephaniefeger

Instagram: @empowerprgroup

Twitter: @emPowerPRGroup

Find her book titles:

Emergence: Living Lessons from the Soil 

Make Your Author emPact: Sell More Books, Increase Your Reach & Achieve Your Why

Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective

Color Today Pretty Guided Journal

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