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1 year ago

Jim Mussared, a maintainer of MicroPython, joins the show.  He and Paul discuss how MicroPython started, collaborating with CircuitPython, being a maintainer, favorite uses of MicroPython, and more.

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1:02 Welcome and Jim’s start with electronics

3:02 Damien George starting MicroPython

3:50 MicroPython and CircuitPython

5:32 Collaborating with CircuitPython

6:10 MicroPython’s Strengths

6:45 What is it like to be a maintainer of an open source project?

8:50 Balancing open source and professional work

9:40 Favorite uses of MicroPython

11:10 Performance improvements in MicroPython

14:20 Where is MicroPython going next?

16:20 Which microcontroller?