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7 months ago

Tod Kurt joins the show. Tod shares his synthio boards and discusses his recent trip to Hackaday’s Supercon.

00:00 Welcome Tod

1:00 synthio CircuitPython Day Panel Discussion

1:10 What is synthio in CircuitPython?

2:00 Tod’s custom synthio micrococontroller boards (todbot/circuitpython-synthio-tricks: tips, tricks, and examples of using CircuitPython synthio

2:10 Tod’s Tindie store

4:30 Tod’s visit to Hackaday’s Supercon

5:22 Lux Lavalier on The Bootloader and in-person

6:30 CircuitPython at Supercon

7:02 Lightning Talks YouTube

8:40 Sprite_tm Jeroen Domburg: Building a Portable Vectrex, The Right Way

10:15 Cuddly Companion Bots Angela Sheehan: Cuddly Companion Bots

11:50 Stargirl’s KiCad Viewer talk

13:22 This year’s SuperCon Badge

15:44 Adding a capacitive touchpad - GitHub repository

17:30 Lack of speaker diversity at Supercon

17:55 Alpenglow’s Mastodon thread on Supercon speaker diversity Alpenglow Industries (@alpenglow@mstdn.social)

20:42 Which board do you reach for when starting a new project?

22:50 Wrap-up

Thank you for listening. Until next time, stay positive!