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24: Putting Profit First in Your Business with Gigi Bier
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6 months ago

Does the word accounting give you nightmares or the thought of trying to get your money under control make you shiver? Then you will definitely want to tune in!

In this episode, we are talking all about profit first business methodology, money mindsets and ways to maximize your business to support the life of your dreams! Gigi busts the myths that managing your money has to be stressful and daunting. She breaks down strategies for understanding your money picture in real-time so that your business is fueling your life.

You're going to learn in the next hour that Income minus Expenses does not actually equal profit. Curious? Gigi talk about building habits that will actually last and are supporting you and ways to move your business toward YOUR goals.

Gigi Bier, owner of My Cats and Me Profit Alignment, is a Profit Alignment Coach who helps entrepreneurs build a profitable and sustainable business that supports their lifestyle.

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