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Fortress of Comic News Ep. 359 feat. Paul Carroll
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2 months ago

This week the guys discuss Jinxworld heading to Prime Video, Josh Gad’s first comic work, and more! Also this week the guys are joined by Paul Carroll. Paul is an Irish comic creator who is currently working on a series of anthologies. The current anthology is Wish Upon a Star which mixes modern mythology and fairy tales with science fiction. You can find this and all his work using the links below!

Don't forget the guys talk about the comics they are reading off the shelves from last week, and as always all of the news fit for print.

Comics we discuss in this episode:

Avengers: Twilight #3 James Bond 007 #2 Daredevil #6 G.O.D.S. #5 Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #4 Green Lantern: War Journal #6 Duke #3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin 2-Re-Evolution #1(early review)

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