How Chick-fil-A adopts GitOps and K3s at the Edge image
S3 E18 · Kubernetes Bytes
How Chick-fil-A adopts GitOps and K3s at the Edge
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8 months ago

In this episode of Kubernetes Bytes, Bhavin Shah and Ryan Wallner interview Brian Chambers, Chief Architect at Chick-fil-A. Brian walks through some of the design decisions, challenges and architecture of how Chick-fil-A uses Kubernetes at the edge in their restaurants.

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  • 01:05 Introduction
  • 06:22 Cloud Native News
  • 19:13 Interview with Madhuri
  • 01:13:20 Takeaways

Cloud Native News:

  • K8s 1.28
  • SC assignment stable-
  • Non graceful shutdown stable -
  • Ceph RBD and FS in tree deprecated
  • Control plan and node supported version go from n-2 to n-3
  • Redhat Openstack services on OpenShift -
  • Alcion 21 Million funding round:
  • Veeam was major funder:
  • Kubescape 3.0 -
  • GPU sharing on Amazon EKS with NVIDIA time-slicing and accelerated EC2 instances or MIG based sharing
  • Akuity launches Kargo - New Open Source project to automate declarative promotion of changes across multiple app environments -
  • OpenTofu - Linux Foundations alternative to Terraform - loads of community support
  • CFP already open for Paris!!!!