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Sleep Reimagined: Your Guide to Bountiful Zzz's with Morgan Adams
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10 months ago

Are you getting enough sleep? We know, it's a question that haunts many of us as we chase life's endless demands. But what if we told you there's more to sleep than just resting your weary eyes? Listen in as my guest, Morgan Adams, your personal sleep whisperer, shares ways to uncover the secrets of sweet slumber. 

Have you ever pondered the mysteries of sleep? In our first chapter, we chat with Morgan Adams, a warrior who turned her fight with insomnia into a mission to help women reclaim their health. Morgan shares her captivating journey that took her from sleepless nights, thanks to Ambien, to discovering holistic and healthier alternatives. We also unravel the shrouded impact of sleep deprivation on mental and physical health. Brace yourself as we debunk some of the most common sleep myths.

We don't stop there. Our conversation dives into the world of sleep aids, from prescription drugs to natural supplements, revealing their potential consequences and benefits. Morgan also introduces us to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia - a game-changer in her sleep journey. As we chat about alcohol's dual role as a relaxant and stimulant, you'll also learn how snoring could be a red flag for sleep apnea. Finally, we discuss the intriguing characteristics of light and heavy sleepers. 

This episode is an exciting journey into the world of sleep. So put on your PJ's, get cozy, and let's transform your sleep health together!

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