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Medieval Comedy and Bakhtin’s Carnival Theory
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3 years ago

This episode we go old school, literally.  We are joined by comic Mabel Slattery to discuss medieval comedy and Mikhail Bakhtin and his Carnival Theory, we get into some interesting ideas like Humour Theory, Robin Hood, Sumptuary Laws, Secular Lyrics of the XIVth and XVth Centuries,  Richard Hill Commonplace Book, Chaucer’s Knight Tale and just having a bit of craic!

And here is a snip from the poem Mabel quoted, is it an medieval MC? you decide!

Snatches of Oral Songs

Sir, what say ye with your fat face?
Me thynkith ye shuld bere a very good bace.
To a pot of good ale or ipocras,
Truly as I you say.
Hold up your hede,
Ye loke lyke lede,
Ye wast myche
Evermore from day to day.
Bon jowre …

And some Monty Python