The Community Strategy YOU NEED to build a paid online community

Welcome to the Community Strategy Podcast, I’m your host, Deb Schell. As a community strategist, community designer, and community leader, I've discovered how challenging and stressful it can be to launch a paid online community with little to no direction, support, or easy-to-implement tasks. Our vision is to help listeners create a community strategy that connects members, drives engagement, and creates collaborations through transformations. We believe that Social Media needs a shift from the current conglomerate technology designed to distract and disrupt - to deeper online social connection within purpose-driven, private paid online communities led by leaders who bring together like-minded members for transformation to better their life, career, relationships, and wellbeing. The Community Strategy Podcast offers interviews to inspire community leaders with success stories and community challenges by providing the tools that have helped find calm in creating a community strategy for a paid online community. We offer lessons learned, challenges we’ve faced, and tips on how to build an online community, have a successful launch, and grow memberships for additional revenue and passive income over time.