Lakers, I Choose You.

Hey There, I’m DJ Tricey Trice, a Producer, and a newfound Laker Fan. I moved to LA about 2 years ago and I’ve finally decided who my home team will be. The LA Lakers! Honestly, This is a pretty awful time to decide to be a Lakers Fan. They’ve just started the season with one of the worst records of all time, LeBron has been out injured, and the media has nothing good to say about Russel Westbrook.

While most fair weather fans are heading for the hills. I decided to build my fandom with the Lakers while they are at their worst.

A Little Positivity can go a long way and I’m riding with the Lakers until the wheels fall off

Tune in to hear my live commentary as I cheer on the Lakers, we can turn this season around.

This is “Lakers, I Choose you!”

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