90: Breastfeeding and the Dairy Industry: Vegan Motherhood  with Journalist, Jessica Scott-Reid (S9) image
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90: Breastfeeding and the Dairy Industry: Vegan Motherhood with Journalist, Jessica Scott-Reid (S9)
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"A lot of babies are born with an allergy to the protein in cow's milk that can transfer through breast milk, if you consume dairy as the mother....and a common thing that doctors will tell you to do is to eliminate certain things from your own diet to make the breast milk easier for your child to digest. Dairy {from cows} is one of those top things. " - Jessica Scott-Reid

Episode 4 of Series 9: Unveiling Vegan Culture Transcript

When Jessica Scott-Reed's young daughter developed a dairy allergy, it catapulted their family on an voyage into veganism. Our latest episode welcomes Jessica, a journalist and animal advocate, who shares her personal evolution as a vegan mother and the joys and hurdles of raising a vegan child in today's world.

Guest: Jessica Scott-Reid is a Canadian freelance journalist and animal advocate. She has been covering animal rights and welfare, food systems and climate change topics for major media in Canada and beyond for the past decade. Her work can be found regularly in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, and Corporate Knights Magazine. She is also a regular contributor to Sentient Media. She is also a mom and dog guardian. Guest Profile and Episode Blog

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