#229 - Cryptography 101 for Identity Practitioners with Dr. Andrew Stern of Revive Labs image
E229 · Identity at the Center
#229 - Cryptography 101 for Identity Practitioners with Dr. Andrew Stern of Revive Labs
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3 months ago

In this episode of the Identity at the Center podcast, hosts Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman invite Dr. Andrew Stern, Founder & CEO at Revive Labs, to give a primer on cryptography. The conversation focuses on encryption and security, covering topics such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption, levels of encryption, hashing, and certificates. Dr. Stern also shares his background and experience, including his work as an Activate DARPA Fellow and his founding of Revive Labs. The episode concludes with a discussion on how encryption factors into quantum computing.

Connect with Andrew: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewcstern/

Learn more about Revive Labs: https://revivelabs.io

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