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Anthropogenic Behavior Change- Trailer Series 10
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Anthropogenic Behavior Change refers to the changes in wildlife behavior brought about through human made changes to the environment.

Anthropogenic Environmental Change refers to alterations in the natural environment brought about by human activities. These changes encompass a wide range of impacts, from the emission of greenhouse gases leading to global climate change, to deforestation, pollution of air, water, and soil, and the depletion of natural resources. Human actions such as industrialization, urbanization, agriculture, and transportation have intensified these environmental changes, disrupting ecosystems and biodiversity on a global scale.

Talking about anthropogenic behavior and environmental change is vital for fostering awareness, driving action, and shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for both the planet and its inhabitants.

In this series we will be covering...

1. Rapid Environmental Change: Dr. Rachel Blakey and Dr. Kasey Fowler-Finn

2. Sensory Pollution: Dr. Brett Seymoure and Dr. Jennifer Phillips

3. Conflict and Coexistence with Dr. Bruce Schulte, Dr. Mauricio Cantor, and Dr. Misty McPhee

4. Urbanization and Industrialization: Dr. Lauren Stanton and Dr. Kathleen Church

5. Road Ecology : Dr. Julia Kintsch and Dr. Sandra Jacobson

6. Reintroductions and Management: Dr. Rachel Chock, Dr. Julie Young, and Dr. Liz Peterson

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