91: Four Steps You Can Take to Reach Peak Performance with Mountaineer, Kuntal Joisher (S9) image
S1 E91 · The Deal With Animals with Marika S. Bell
91: Four Steps You Can Take to Reach Peak Performance with Mountaineer, Kuntal Joisher (S9)
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2 months ago

"I'm going to climb mountains as a vegan or I'm not going to do it at all. So that's very clear in my mind.   I know vegans can get enough protein.  I had been a vegan for eight years already by then." - Kuntal Joisher
Episode 5 of Series 9: Unveiling Vegan Culture Transcript

Our guest, an Indian vegan mountaineer and nutrition coach, shatters the stereotype that peak physical performance requires animal-based nutrition.  Joisher myth busts and inspires throughout this episode with his knowledge and experience as a mountaineer and a personal trainer to those on a vegan journey.

Guest: Kuntal Joisher is the first Indian Vegan mountaineer, hailing from Mumbai, India. His expeditions to some of the world’s most dangerous mountains are driven by a profound personal mission as a Vegan champion, Dementia awareness advocate and a Humanitarian inspiration.
Kuntal has been on several expeditions and the most significant to date has been his famous feat, his lifelong Everest dream. Kuntal started out his career as a Software Engineer, rather an unassuming happy-go-lucky chap, the guy next door, running the nine-to-five rat race. Then one day, Everything changed!

Book Recommendations: No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks by Ed Viesturs and Think Like a Vegan by Emilia A. Leese and Eva J. Charalambides

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