70: Beyond Symbolism: Understanding Animals as Ancestors with Author, Ben Stimpson (S7) image
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70: Beyond Symbolism: Understanding Animals as Ancestors with Author, Ben Stimpson (S7)
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"...we have a very narrow view of what ancestors actually are. We, we tend to think of them only in terms of blood relations. Instead of the, the vastness of what could potentially be Ancestor." -Ben Stimpson

Episode 6 of Series 7: Animals and the Divine Transcript

What we Discuss:

  • Uncover the fascinating connections between all species and their impact.

  • Find out how to integrate animals into your spiritual journey for a more profound experience.

  • Explore the idea of personhood for animals and its potential consequences.

  • Delve into the importance of analyzing animal behavior without human-centric biases.

  • Cultivate empathy and kindness towards the environment and its creatures.

  • Beaver Testicles (I'm just gonna leave that there)...

Guest: Born in North Wales but currently residing in Ontario, Canada, Ben Stimpson works as a skilled therapist in the field of narrative and spiritual psychotherapy. Through his practice, he assists individuals, particularly those in the queer community, in exploring their relationship with themselves, spirituality, and ancestral connections. Ben is also the accomplished author of Ancestral Whispers: A Guide to Building Ancestral Veneration Practices (Release Sept 8 2023) www.benstimpson.com

Book Recommendation: Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Key Moments:

00:04:00 - Ancestral Whispers Book,
00:08:11 - Animals as Ancestors,
00:14:39 - Clarifying Cultural Appropriation,
00:21:00 - Connecting with Animals as Ancestors
00:24:03 - Expanding the Concept of Ancestor
00:27:36 - Seeing Animals in a Spiritual Sense
00:31:51 - The Power of Storytelling,
00:33:12 - Our Complex Relationship with Animals,
00:35:04 - Genealogy and the Story of Life,
00:36:20 - Changing Perspectives

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