86: Can Dog Cuddling Influence Reduced Meat Consumption? Care Ethics with Dr. Maurice Hamington (S9) image
S1 E86 · The Deal With Animals with Marika S. Bell
86: Can Dog Cuddling Influence Reduced Meat Consumption? Care Ethics with Dr. Maurice Hamington (S9)
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"We don't share a lot of things. We don't really share much language with animals. We don't really understand all the instincts of animals, but, we do share embodiment with them.  And so that becomes a basis for imagining what their perspective is like, just like it becomes the basis for understanding what's going on with other people."
Dr. Maurice Hamington

Episode 1 of Series 9 Unveiling Vegan Culture Transcript

In this episode we invite philosophy professor Maurice Hammington to explore the world of veganism and the moral imagination that underpins it.

The ethics of keeping companion animals, a contentious topic among vegans, is also discussed, encouraging listeners to consider various viewpoints. Our goal is to question the norm and inspire thought, broadening the scope of our collective understanding.

Finally, we bring the focus onto veganism as an act of self-care, and the potential for deeper connections with animals it brings. We emphasize the critical role animals play in our lives, their potential to trigger moral progression, and how they provide moments of enlightenment.

This episode is an exploration of the intersection of animal ethics, veganism, and care theory.

Guest: Maurice has authored or edited twelve books including Care Ethics and Poetry (Palgrave MacMillan 2019) authored with Ce Rosenow, Care Ethics and Political Theory, with Daniel Engster (Oxford University Press 2015).  Maurice is a Member of the International Consultants for The Melete Center of Philosophy for Care. University of Verona and a Steering Committee Member of the international Care Ethics Research Consortium, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
He and his partner Stephanie love living and hiking in the Pacific Northwest as well as enjoying the local vegan cuisine.

Book Recommendations:  Caring: A Relational Approach to Ethics and Moral Education by Nel Noddings

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