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Find Clarity Through Action - Steve Madden, Co-Founder of Swingtweaks
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11 months ago

Colin met Steve Madden at The 2023 PGA Show in Orlando and after hearing his entrepreneurial story over a couple of pints of Guinness we had to invite him on the show to share his experiences with you.

"Five years ago my ex-girlfriend's dad invited me for a round, so I played an 18 hole round at Mountainside golf course. The next day I went and played the par 3 course there which had the massive holes and I became addicted to golf that weekend. When I got back to Calgary, I played three or four rounds next week and then I joined a golf course for the remainder of the season. Once new golfers feel that awesome shot or they hit that really close approach, smash that driver or make a long putt, that addiction really hits you. I made a decision a few years ago that I wanted to create a lifestyle, or a job where I could golf and do my own thing tech-wise. I've had two apps now that revolve around golf and Swingtweaks is the second one."... Steve Madden, Co-Founder of Swingtweaks


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Episode Chapters
[03:00] Steve opens the show by sharing his level of play after picking up golf only a couple of years ago. Spoiler alert - his handicap is waaaay lower than Colin's. 😂
[04:20] Steve tells us how a rugby-playing lad from Ireland ended up becoming a tech entrepreneur in Calgary Canada by way of Vietnam.
[05:20] Colin asks Steve to share his first golf experience five years ago and who invited him to try the game.
[06:50] Steve gives us the "Elevator Pitch" for his latest golf venture Swingtweaks.
[09:10] Steve talks about the rise in popularity of golf lesson and training technology ventures such as
[10:05] We learn the back story and AHA moment of Swingtweaks
[12:45] Steve shares business model, user experience, value proposition and customer profiles for Swingtweaks.
[16:40] Colin asks Steve to share how they came up with the name Swingtweaks and the concept of users purchasing "Tweaks".
[18:45] Steve talks about how Swingtweaks generates revenue and how they developed the pricing model cost per "Tweak".
[22:00] Colin asks about the Swingtweaks strategy to acquire new users, retain/engage existing ones and how they incentivize PGA teaching pros to join the platform.
[27:00] Steve shares some stories from satisfied users and the most unexpected places around the world that golfers are using Swingtweaks.
[28:30] We learn about the future plans for Swingtweaks and which markets, countries and languages they look to expand into next.
[30:50] Steve shares some positive user experiences and how they are building community on Instagram and Reddit.
[33:00] Steve offers you - our ModGolfers - 20% OFF your first Swingtweak using promo code MO