81: Expanding Understanding in Canine Behavior Evaluations with Suzanne Clothier (Part 1) S8 image
S1 E81 · The Deal With Animals with Marika S. Bell
81: Expanding Understanding in Canine Behavior Evaluations with Suzanne Clothier (Part 1) S8
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7 months ago

"So I'm asking very different questions in how I set up the test, because I want to know what is your native response here? Not a trained response, not a prompted response. I'm not begging you or just simply orienting you to me because I'm doing something. I want to know what you do if I just do my thing and you're in the same space. So the questions are different automatically." - Suzanne Clothier 

Episode 7 of Series 8 (Part 1) Transcript

Ever wondered why dogs behave the way they do? Understanding the nuances of the right questions to ask can dramatically influence the lives of shelter animals and their adoption success. Suzanne's  insights will change your perspective on how you think about canine evaluations.

We'll introduce you to Suzanne's innovative assessment tool that simplifies understanding temperament, aiding those in the shelter industry to make more informed decisions.

he challenges of working in a shelter can be immense. From matching a dog to the right forever home, to making the difficult choice of euthanasia due to limited resources. Learn how asking the right questions and understanding the psyche of our canine companions can make all the difference. With Suzanne's tools such as the Animal Response Assessment Tool, Relationship Assessment Tool, and the new Functional Assessment Tool, we'll explore how to navigate these complexities, ensuring more successful adoptions and happier shelter dogs. Tune in for a deep dive into  the challenges shelter workers face, and the incredible difference they can make in the lives of our furry friends.

Guest: Suzanne Clothier has worked with animals professionally since 1977, with a background includes obedience, agility, puppy testing, breeding, Search and Rescue, conformation, instructing, kennel management and AAT.
Her Relationship Centered Training™ approach blends science and heart to create humane, effective and practical solutions for dogs and the people who work with them, whether professional working dogs or couch warming companions. Her suite of assessment tools provide a powerful framework for trainers and organizations:

RAT™ (Relationship Assessment Tool) – handler/dog dynamics, rapid assessment plus ability to track and compare
CARAT™ (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) – temperament assessment on 6 categories, 21 dimensions
FAT™ (Functional Assessment Tool, release in 2022) – global of functionality/welfare assessment across physiological, social and cognitive dimensions

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