#230 - Quantum IAM with Teresa Wu and Olivier Nora of Idemia image
E230 · Identity at the Center
#230 - Quantum IAM with Teresa Wu and Olivier Nora of Idemia
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2 months ago

In this episode of the Identity at the Center Podcast, Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman discuss quantum computing and its impact on identity and access management (IAM) with guests from Idemia, Teresa Wu and Olivier Nora. The main topics covered in the episode are how Wu and Nora got into the field of identity, and what is their role at Idemia, an explanation of quantum computing and its differences from standard computing, the term "Y2Q" and what it means for the future of computing, the problems quantum computing poses for IAM and which roles or sub-disciplines should be most concerned, and how someone in the IAM field can prepare for quantum, including whether new algorithms or IAM technologies will be needed. The episode ends on a lighter note with Wu and Nora sharing their favorite meals to prepare and the most underrated spice.

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