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Balancing Activism and Wellness: A Conversation with Dr. Renée Carr
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10 months ago

Ready to make a difference in the world? Join us on this episode of Coffee & Convos with Dr. Reneé Carr, political and corporate advisor, as she shares her insights into how community activists can maintain balance while creating lasting social impact. Learn how psychology has helped Dr. Renee craft large-scale change and discover what it takes to be a successful political advisor. Tune in for an inspiring conversation about creating meaningful change.

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DR. RENEÉ CARR The Problem Solver® is a Political & Corporate Advisor and psychologist who applies psychology to help solve our country's most pressing social issues. Dr. Carr also provides expert, unbiased, and intelligent commentary for breaking news and current events.

As an advisor to high-profile elected officials and CEOs, Dr. Carr advises leaders on the solutions to improve their governments, economy, culture, and impact on citizens. She provides insight on the likelihood of future events, strategies to prevent future problems, and solutions for current problems or crises.

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Website www.TheProblemSolver.cō

Twitter @DrReneeCarr 

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