77: The Unhoused Pet Crisis: Co-Sheltering with Jesse Casement and Jessica Gercke (S8) image
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77: The Unhoused Pet Crisis: Co-Sheltering with Jesse Casement and Jessica Gercke (S8)
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Episode 5 of Series 8: The World of Animal Welfare and Sheltering Transcript

Discover a groundbreaking initiative between Father Joe's Villages and Helen Woodward Animal Center. This unique collaboration is changing the sheltering landscape and enhancing the lives of both humans and animals by allowing individuals experiencing homelessness to stay with their beloved pets.

We delve into the concept of co-sheltering, a lifeline to individuals grappling with financial hardship, especially in the wake of the pandemic. We're joined by Jesse Casement, Division Director of Client Services at Father Joe's Villages and Jessica Gercke, Peer Director at Helen Woodward Animal Center. as we discuss the importance of comforting both humans and their furry family members in times of crisis.

Guests: Jesse Casement has dedicated her past 13 years with the largest service provider in San Diego to supporting San Diegans experiencing homelessness. In that time, she has championed the progressive view that shelters should welcome pets along with their humans — a policy that, for many neighbors in need, has been truly life-changing.  Jesse has fostered relationships with local animal welfare organizations and veterinary providers in order to bring resources, education, and support to the clients living at Father Joe’s Villages with their animals, as well as to the Father Joe’s Villages staff who strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for people and their pets.  Apart from her role at Father Joe’s Villages, Jesse is a member of the Co-Sheltering Collaborative, a peer-to-peer learning network focused on sheltering people and their animals together.

Jessica Gercke has spent over 25 years creating and refining media/publicity campaigns for a wide variety of professional industries. Through it all, her heart and soul belonged to animals.  She has put her knowledge of marketing and publicity to work for Helen Woodward Animal Center over the last 11 years.  This work means that she has been surrounded by animals every day for the last 4,000 days and involved in highlighting the programs that rely on the incredible bond between people and pets.   Sharing these unique stories with the world has been the happiest joy of her life thus far.

Book Recommendations: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro The Housemaid's Secret by Freida McFadden and

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