87: The Vegan Experiment: 30 Days of Plant-Powered Living- Veganuary! with Sandra Hungate (S9) image
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87: The Vegan Experiment: 30 Days of Plant-Powered Living- Veganuary! with Sandra Hungate (S9)
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"Everyone can pick and choose what they want to do in the program. We don't even measure what they do. We don't track them. There's no vegan police. We just share all the knowledge as much as we can to help them discover all the things, all the benefits, all the types of foods." - Sandra Hungate

Episode 2 of Series 9: Unveiling Vegan Culture Transcript

The Veganuary movement encourages people to try a vegan lifestyle each January and beyond. We discuss the environmental and health benefits as well as challenges of integrating vegan habits into lifestyles. Sandra, US Director at Veganuary, offers various strategies to facilitate the shift to veganism stating that alternatives to animal products are readily available. Tales of her own experiences are shared, along with simple recipes that replace the use of animal products in cooking.

03:08 Guest Introduction and Role in Veganuary
03:22 Understanding the Purpose of Veganuary
04:28 How to Start with Veganuary
07:08 Environmental Impact of Going Vegan
11:56 Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet
19:19 Overcoming Challenges in Adopting a Vegan Diet
25:18 Strategies for Going Vegan
29:00 Why Go Vegan If You're Already Vegetarian?
31:05 Vegan Baking Tips and Tricks
31:28 Exploring Vegan Ingredients

Guest: Made aware of animal testing in pharma and cosmetics, Sandra has been advocating against animal testing since she was a child. Sandra gave up meat in her early and fully transitioned to vegan a few years later after learning about the dairy industry. Sandra has been working in marketing for sustainable living and eating for most of her career and recently started working at Veganuary. Now vegan for over 6 years, she dedicates her work and volunteer time to helping animals.   

Guest Book Recommendations:
You Are Crazy to Eat This by Christophe Brusset
Veganuary's Free Cookbook

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