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E222 · Identity at the Center
#222 - Identity Standards with Justin Richer of Bespoke Engineering
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4 months ago

On this episode of the Identity at the Center podcast, Jim and Jeff are joined by Justin Richer, Security & Standards Architect and Founder of Bespoke Engineering. Justin shares how he got into IAM and his book, "OAuth2 in Action". He also introduces "Cards Against Identity" and discusses how OIDC would be different if it were written anew today. The conversation turns to GNAP (Grant Negotiation and Authorization Protocol) and closes with a question from listener Markus about “trust in HR” and implementing automation being more of a political issue than a technical one. Tune in to hear this fascinating conversation!

Connect with Justin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinricher/

Learn more about Bespoke Engineering: https://bspk.io/

Why CSCW Applications Fail: Problems in the Design and Evaluation of Organizational Interfaces - https://www.cs.uml.edu/~holly/teaching/91550/spring2012/p85-grudin.pdf

Book - OAuth2 in Action: https://www.manning.com/books/oauth-2-in-action

GNAP: https://oauth.net/gnap/

Cards Against Identity: http://www.cardsagainstidentity.com

Gridlock Boston: https://bspk.io/games/gridlock/

Checkout Psycliq: https://psycliq.com/

The Precious Cinnamon Roll: https://www.theonion.com/beautiful-cinnamon-roll-too-good-for-this-world-too-pu-1819576048

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