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You Don't Know What It's Like To Work For You - Scott Stratten, Creator of UnMarketing
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1 year ago

"UnMarketing is my attempt to reduce hypocritical marketing, because I saw twenty years ago that people were interuptively marketing in a way they hated to be marketed to. I realized there had to be better ways than this "push and prey" mentality and instead choose a "pull and stay" mindset to authentically build community so that when people need your product or service they will unconditionally choose you."

Scott Stratten is the Creator of UnMarketing. He is one of the leading speakers/authors in the world when it comes to helping audiences embrace the age of disruption and look at business differently using the pillars of integrity, authenticity and community.


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Scott and host Colin Weston dig into the bitter rivalry between The PGA Tour and LIV Golf and explore the messaging behind their actions one year into the emergence of the upstart tour.

"So what is a stereotype in business and how can we be the opposite of it? Is it snooty? Is it privileged? Is it elitist? These are all the things have been said about golf. Is it white? Is it male? We either look at it and can deny this stuff or we can say, "okay so how do we break through that?" We look at who we are hiring and say, "how do we make the experience different?" You're not going to change the course for the most part. I'm not talking about changing how high or low you mow the grass or the pin position on the greens. I'm talking about the human experience and human-centric design. When you come to my golf course, when you walk into my Pro Shop, when you walk into the club and grab a bite on the turn, we're going to be so fricking happy to see you. We're going to be so into you for choosing our course over the nineteen thousand four hundred twenty five other ones, you're never going to look at another course again."

You can also connect with Scott on his bio page, along with checking out the UnMarketing website.

How do you create a marketing buzz that authentically represents your brand? Scott accomplished this 15 years ago