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Leadership, Technology, and the “It Depends” Philosophy: Insights from Kevin Goldsmith
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3 months ago

Kevin Goldsmith, a seasoned CTO, mentor, and principal at Nimble Autonomy, joins the conversation today as we discuss Kevin's journey in technology leadership across the US, Sweden, and the UK, touching on his experiences and the release of his new book, It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012 to 2022.

The discussion covers technology adoption, with a focus on ChatGPT and its recent Teams product. Kevin reveals how his team embraced ChatGPT, its role in policy creation, and the advantages of the Teams program for collaborative work. The conversation unfolds into a deeper exploration of the evolving role of CTOs, the future landscape for aspiring leaders, and the potential impact of advanced tools on development processes.

Kevin, in addition, sheds light on the creation of his book, sharing insights into the inspiration behind the title It Depends and the unique approach that he took in preserving the original context of his blog posts. He touches on the audiobook creation process and the decision to self-release, emphasizing accessibility and convenience for readers.

Kevin also offers us a glimpse into his vision for the future, both in terms of technology leadership and the evolving capabilities of generative text generators like ChatGPT. The candid and insightful conversation provides listeners with a multifaceted view of technology, leadership, and the intricate balance between innovation and the human touch, and you won't want to miss this conversation.

Time Stamps:

[00:33] - Kevin Goldsmith joins us today!

[03:42] - Kevin candidly shares that after years of struggling to quit smoking, he successfully quit when his child was conceived.

[04:45] - Armed with a PhD in neuroscience, Kevin quit smoking cold turkey after moving to Europe.

[07:38] - Having faced the challenge of using smoking breaks to clear his mind, Kevin now copes differently.

[09:27] - Reflecting on sixteen years without smoking, Kevin recalls a unique experience at Microsoft leveraging smokers' restlessness.

[11:32] - Kevin admits that, even in his pre-smoking days, he sometimes consciously chose to smoke influenced by the band scene that he was part of.

[13:05] - Eager to explore new technologies, Kevin's team embraced ChatGPT, finding it to be a valuable and helpful tool.

[15:42] - Kevin shares how ChatGPT has been a valuable tool for writing policies, streamlining their creation.

[17:44] - Opting for efficiency in creating his book's index, Kevin used ChatGPT to automate the process.

[19:03] - Kevin reflects on his role as a CTO, valuing his longevity.

[20:29] - Kevin finds the diverse career paths of CTOs fascinating, noting the changed landscape enabling quicker advancements.

[23:39] - Reflecting on the evolution of the CTO role, Kevin sees a richer learning landscape today.

[27:42] - Kevin likens tools like ChatGPT to skilled interns, adept at routine tasks, but not for inventive or complex challenges.

[29:57] - Despite excitement and venture capitalist interest, some ideas have never materialized or panned out.

[32:57] - Kevin discusses how the new product, akin to ChatGPT+, offers additional features like admin interface, privacy settings, and team chat sharing.

[35:09] - Kevin encourages using ChatGPT to seek code suggestions and streamline tasks, emphasizing its value despite initial skepticism.

[39:29] - Preserving the original context of blog posts, Kevin's book, It Depends, explores timeless tech leadership themes.

[41:01] - The book's title reflects Kevin's philosophy on nuanced technology leadership, emphasizing decision-making that depends on context.

[43:42] - Kevin s