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Insights into AI and Beyond with Mourad Zerroug
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1 month ago

Etienne is excited to be sitting down with Mourad Zerroug, CTO of Splash, for a captivating conversation about their experiences as immigrants in the United States, diving into their respective backgrounds from Algeria and South Africa.

From there, the two explore Mourad's journey as a technology leader for nearly three decades, spanning various industries such as robotics, e-commerce, and event technology. With a PhD in computer science from the University of Southern California, Mourad shares some great insights into the evolving landscape of AI and its profound impact on developer teams.

Mourad and Etienne also discuss the transformative potential of AI tools like GitHub Copilot, offering a glimpse into how these technologies are reshaping the way engineers work and collaborate. Delving into broader themes of identity and societal change, they reflect on their African heritage and the shifting paradigms of communication in the age of generative AI.

Join Etienne and Mourad as they navigate the intersection of technology, culture, and human ingenuity in this thought-provoking episode.

Time Stamps:

[2:49] - Mourad argues that African identity embodies rich diversity in history, language, and culture, experienced personally and globally.

[4:11] -  Growing up bilingual, Mourad's accent reflects diverse linguistic influences.

[5:59] - Mourad highlights firsthand involvement in mentoring Algerian tech entrepreneurs, emphasizing innovation and problem-solving for economic development.

[8:02] - Mourad reflects on his journey having navigated language barriers and adapting his communication methods.

[9:35] - In his role as a CTO, Mourad navigates deploying innovation, leveraging tech advancements, and embracing AI's transformative power.

[12:16] - Etienne reflects on the profound impact of mobile technology, highlighting the shift towards collective knowledge and the implications of AI models like GPT.

[13:59] - Mourad delves into the transformative impact of AI, evolving beyond mere convenience to augmenting human intelligence.

[16:38] - Etienne marvels at AI's rapid learning curve, contrasting human learning with models' instant replication and comprehension.

[18:10] - Mourad discusses adapting to generative AI, bridging communication gaps.

[20:01] - Coding has changed in that expertise now lies in basic models accessible through natural language.

[23:18] - Mourad points out how professionals embrace AI for innovation, boosting efficiency, satisfying customers, and enhancing operations.

[26:36] - Learn how Mourad leverages enterprise solutions and AI, enhancing communication, messaging, and engagement.

[29:54] - GitHub Copilot's feedback indicates that it won't replace engineers but aids in code generation.

[31:37] - Mourad predicts that code generation tools hint at a future where verbal instructions may replace manual coding.

[34:42] - Emerging frameworks like AWS Bedrock and Hugging Face streamline application development.

[37:24] - Mourad feels that future programming could allow anyone to deploy complex applications using natural language prompts.

[38:59] - Etienne argues that generative AI reshapes our understanding of technology, blurring lines between user and machine interaction.

[41:43] - Mourad agrees, adding that current technology blurs the line between human behavior and technology, fostering an emotional connection.

[44:11] - Books on AI such as