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S1 E2 · The Bootloader
M is for Makers, Music, and Machine Learning
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11 months ago

In episode 2, Paul and Tod talk about some makers and their cool projects, including the Lux Lavalier and Pikon; creating music in a web browser, and more.

PixelBlaze expression language (Tod #1) 1:45

Whisper OpenAI (Paul #1) 5:50

  • Blog post, paper and Google Colab example linked from their GitHub repository
  • From OpenAI, who developed Dall-E
  • Machine learning to transcribe and / or translate audio files

Music generation in the browser (Tod #2) 11:03

PolyKeyboard (Paul #2) 16:41 (Paul #2)

Samplebrain by Aphex Twin & Dave Griffiths 21:27 (Tod #3)

Kevin McAleer and the Pikon 23:48 (Paul #3)

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