*Throwback Thursday* DAN BECKER: 'Gear I Wish I Bought Sooner' image
S7 E280 · Backpacking & Blisters: A Hiking, Backpacking, and Adventure Show
*Throwback Thursday* DAN BECKER: 'Gear I Wish I Bought Sooner'
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2 months ago

On our first THROWBACK THURSDAY, famous Youtuber Dan Becker joins the show to discuss gear choices he wish he bought sooner based upon a series of videos he's put out over the last couple years. Carl agrees with some of his choices but gives some pushback on others. Derek seems to agree with all of Dan's choices...even when they contradict prior statements made by him on the show. Also, feedback about Derek's REI purchase history is shared...and it is more surprising than you might think (or at least more surprising than Carl was expecting).

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