CHAD LUBINSKI: 'I Should Have Died 3 Times in the Outdoors But...' image
S7 E283 · Backpacking & Blisters: A Hiking, Backpacking, and Adventure Show
CHAD LUBINSKI: 'I Should Have Died 3 Times in the Outdoors But...'
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1 month ago

Extreme Adventurer Chad Lubinski joins the show to discuss some truly amazing stories from some of America’s long trails. He legitimately almost died in 3 different circumstances. What was the secret to his survival? What should he have done to avoid those situations? How did he handle spilling his water on a dry section of the Highline trail? Also, Derek is providing trivia. He asks a question he seemingly knows nothing about. How does that go down with Carl?

Some of the topics discussed:

-Backpacking Gear

-The Highline Trail

-The Colorado Trail

-Near Death Experiences

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