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S1 E18 · Barrel Room Chronicles
BRC Ep 18 - Chocolate and Whiskey
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9 months ago

This being Christmas week, I chose a very special guest to talk to in our Tales from the Still segment. Paul Tuell of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, joins me to go over his festive flavored portfolio. Then later in the show we hear from Chef Louise Leonard about what she cooks up with one of Paul’s expressions. Lastly, I’ll share what holiday teat I came up with using Ballotin.

Notes from Chef Louise - Ballotin Chocolate Toffee
I used the Ballotin Chocolate toffee whiskey in a homemade chocolate sauce for ice cream. Made a sundae with fresh cherries soaked in the whiskey as well!

Kerry's Coco made with Ballotin's Original Chocolate Whiskey Swirl chocolate sauce inside a mug, add 1 oz of the chocolate whiskey, 1 cup of steamed milk and top with whip-cream and a cinnamon stick.

Want some more recipes?
Or find out where you can buy your own bottles?

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