Perseverance, Pivoting and The Ability to Continuously Adapt - Ryan Engle, Founder and CEO of GOLF+ image
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Perseverance, Pivoting and The Ability to Continuously Adapt - Ryan Engle, Founder and CEO of GOLF+
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Ryan Engle's love for golf started at age 11 after watching the movie Happy Gilmore. Fast forward almost two decades later finds Ryan combining his love for computer science, writing code and golf to become the Founder and CEO of GOLF+, who are leaders in VR golf with a mission to grow the game by making it more accessible.

"My first virtual reality putt was 20-footer uphill with a left-to-right break. I hit it and put it 6 inches past the hole, burning the edge on the left. I thought, "Wow that felt exactly like hitting a putt." After that magical moment I said to the team "okay you know what, we're going to pivot 100% into VR."


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"I spent a lot of time building out this putting physics model that felt very accurate. I ended up having a 3D model of hole seven at Pebble Beach, so I took Tiger's four putts from the US Open, set them up so the flag and his starting point were in the same spots. This made you think, "I'm going to stand in the shoes of Tiger and hit his putts!" I took the handheld controller that weighs a couple of ounces and I found a bike clamp and I clamped it to my putter. I'm holding my putter in virtual reality and when I move it I see the virtual putter moving exactly the same way."

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"The Oculus Quest VR headset was a gamechanger as it was a standalone product that didn't need to be connected to a computer".

To learn more, check out GOLF+ for the Meta Quest.

You can also connect with Ryan on his bio page, along with checking out the GOLF+ VR website.


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