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Chat with Pneuma Care: healthcare redesigned, powered by technology
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Ayodele is the CEO and Cofounder of PneumaHealth. A digital health company redesigning healthcare for everyone through a patient centric, relationship based and technology empowered care delivery model. At PneumaCare, he is responsible for leading product and business development efforts of the company whilst helping to develop a patient centric culture across the organization.

Prior to running PneumaCare, Ayodele has worked with highly rated local and international organizations such as Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, eHealth Africa, World Health Organization and University of the California Los Angeles (UCLA) in different capacities helping to build capabilities to leverage data and analytics for informed decision making across various health service delivery areas. He is well known for his data analytics and product management expertise which has been demonstrated in the various projects he has worked on in the past.

With Ayodele’s current work at Pneuma, he is driven by a mission to ensure that Africans can live their dreams by being healthy and happy through a redesigned delivery model that ensures quality care is affordable, accessible and equitable.

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