74:On The Move: Exploring Companion Animal Transport with Dr. Lori Jervis (S8) image
S1 E74 · The Deal With Animals with Marika S. Bell
74:On The Move: Exploring Companion Animal Transport with Dr. Lori Jervis (S8)
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Episode 3 of Series 8: The World of Animal Welfare and Sheltering Transcript

In our discussion, we traverse through Dr. Jervis's intriguing research (Along with Collaborator Laura Bray) on relocating companion animals from the overpopulated regions of the Southern US to the North, a mission that's changing the landscape of animal welfare. We discuss the complexities that exist between the preferences of potential adopters and the available animals, and the compelling need some feel to act as rescuers.

 Guest: Lori Jervis (PhD, FGSA) is a Professor of Anthropology and Co-Director of the Center for Applied Social Research at the University of Oklahoma. She is a medical and cultural anthropologist as well as a gerontologist. Her animal-related research includes free-roaming dogs in a tribal community and  relationships between Purple Martins and the “landlords” who care for them. Her most recent study focuses on the relocation of companion animals from the southern US to the North as a strategy for reducing space-related killing in shelters.  (Link to Her Research)

Book Recommendations: The Human Manure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins
Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction  byThom Van Dooren

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