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S2 E5 · Barrel Room Chronicles
BRC S2 E5 - Barrel Rings & The Publican
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This time on BRC I have two guests who both work in their family business. One in hospitality, and one in jewelry. How does jewelry fit into a show about whiskey and spirits? Easy, forth-generation jeweler Broderick Hicks, has been crafting unique, customizable bourbon barrel rings for the past three years. As the creative force behind the family-owned business, Broderick has managed to combine his love of good bourbon with his passion for fine jewelry. My second guest is Conor Linnan. Conner had a lifetime of experience in the hospitality industry, but it was the unexpected collaboration of his brothers that allowed his family's legacy to reach new heights. With big plans for the future, the Linnan family is poised to become the face of a new era of Irish hospitality. How far will they go? Find out on this episode of Barrel Room Chronicles. Like Broderick's rings? Use code barrelroom and get $30 off your order of $199 or more at Bourbon Barrel Rings by BW James.

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