Ep. 45: Hackers, Bamboozlers & Mooners image
Weird & Proud Podcast
Ep. 45: Hackers, Bamboozlers & Mooners
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2 months ago

Welcome back to another episode of Weird & Proud!

This week we discuss:

  • Someone hacked our podcast!
  • Weird News: Woman gives birth to her second RAG DOLL child
  • James mooned 2 guys
  • Top Holiday/Christmas movies
  • & of course weird listener secrets including:
    • Grandma explains schmegma 
    • Dog fights
    • & peeing yourself on the couch 

Make sure to send us in your own weird secret at www.speakpipe.com/weirdandproudpod and follow us on Instagram @Weirdandproudpod - we love you weirdos!

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